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Our Location

SuperKids Christian DayCare/PreSchool
315 W. Montauk Hwy
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
E.W. Bower School

(Entrance on Pecan St. / corner of 7-Eleven Store)

A Super Place for SuperKids!

Surrounding your child with a good and healthy environment will influence them greatly and impact their future. Our staff is not only qualified by the NYS Children Care Program but have a caring heart towards the young generation of this day and understand their needs. Every child is precious to us and gets our full attention and dedication. We understand the first several years of a child's development can be the most critical to making them Super for the days ahead.

Activities / Curriculum

Our main objective is to have fun, improve social skills, and encourage creative expression. We will utilize a variety of activities to accomplish this goal. Free play, reading, arts and crafts, music/singing, dancing, dramatic play/pretend, puzzles, and educational videos are just some of the activities we will be doing.

Music helps to develop young minds and will play a strong role in day-to-day activities.

Children of all ages will be taught age appropriate curriculum daily.

Indoor / Outdoor Play

Kids playingIndoor play: We provide a variety of age-appropriate toys for indoor play. Toys may be rotated or placed temporarily out of use so that the children do not become bored. Younger children have less-developed organizational skills and can get easily frustrated or upset when there are too many toys from which to choose. It is also more difficult for them to help with clean up when there are toys everywhere because it is so overwhelming to them. For this reason during free play times each child may select one or two things to play with at a time. They will be shown how to put those things away before selecting something else.

Outdoor play: We will be playing outdoors every day that weather permits. For the safety of the children we have approved school equipment. Please make sure that your child is appropriately dressed for outdoor play at all times. Our activities will include walks, playground, and organized games.

Registration Info

Please contact our facility at 631-592-2353 and make an appointment with our staff. For your convenience you may print and fill out the registration form below.

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